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Installing QIIME 2 using Amazon Web Services

1. Determine which AWS AMI to use

For a full list of QIIME 2 AWS AMIs, please check out the AWS AMIs link. Once you have determined which image you would like to use, please resume this guide.

2. Set up an AWS account

Point your browser to and log in (you will need to provide a credit card if you haven’t already created an account).

3. Choose region

Set your region to “US West (Oregon)”.

4. Launch an instance

When launching an instance, select “Community AMIs”, and search for the AMI you selected in Step 1 (above).

5. Configure

When prompted to set up a security group, make sure that port 22 is open. Next, when prompted to set up an SSH keypair, choose “Proceed without a keypair”.

6. Log in

Once the machine has finished booting, you can SSH into it by running ssh qiime2@<PUBLIC_AWS_IP_ADDRESS>, replacing <PUBLIC_AWS_IP_ADDRESS> with the public IP address for the machine (this will be provided by AWS). When prompted, provide the password qiime2.