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There are several ways to get in touch with the QIIME 2 community and stay up-to-date with QIIME 2 activity.

QIIME 2 Forum

Visit for QIIME 2 support and to talk with other users and developers about all things related to QIIME 2.

Staying updated

For updates on QIIME 2, follow @qiime2 on Twitter.

Requesting features, reporting bugs, providing feedback

If there is specific functionality you’d like to see in QIIME 2, you notice a bug, or want to leave feedback, please post to the QIIME 2 issue tracker. We appreciate all feedback as we strive to make QIIME 2 a useful and accessible tool for microbiome analyses.

Slack team (developers)

The QIIME 2 developers use Slack for instant message discussion of development topics. If you’re working on plugin or interface development and need help, you should join our Slack team and get in touch on the #developers channel at This will be more reliable than emailing one of the developers directly.